someone who is suicidal

Information on how to help someone who you fear or know to be facing a suicidal crisis


someone who is self harming

Information on how to help someone who you suspect or know to be self-harming


me I am suicidal

Practical advice and information to help someone who is feeling suicidal  


me I am self harming

Practical advice and information to help someone who is self-harming

The Steps 


The STEPS Programme

The STEPS Programme by the Pacific Institute was created in response to the demand for practical educational material, to assist an ever-increasing number of people who are trying to change their situation, personally, professionally or organisationally.

The Benefits:
  • Helps people move from dependence to independence.

  •  It teaches individuals to think differently about themselves, their families, their world and what they, themselves, can and cannot do.

  • It is designed to build real strength and to help people accomplish greater tasks and to tackle and solve critical problems.

  • It enables people to become independent, self-directed and fully accountable.

  • It shows that the greatest barriers to success come from inside ourselves and that by working through a series of concepts and techniques, individuals discover that they have greater power to take charge of their future.

  • It helps individuals and teams to set goals and create a vision for what it is they want to achieve.

  • It keeps individuals and teams focused on long-term goals.

  • It energises individuals and teams to work constructively towards the vision.

  • It enables individuals to positively change how they see themselves and to bring this thinking into all areas of their lives.

  • It builds resilience in individuals and teams, enabling them to hold the winning picture, in the midst of temporary set-backs.

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Talk To Tom is about saving lives by breaking down the barriers and stigma associated with suicide and mental health with financial, emotional and educational support. 
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