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About us...

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Here you will find information on how we were founded and what our aims and goals are for the future

Talk To Tom are a community-based suicide prevention, mental health awareness and bereavement support charity.  Talk To Tom is about saving lives by breaking down the barriers and stigma associated with suicide and mental health with financial, emotional and educational support. 

Our Beginnings...

Talk To Tom has its origins in 2012 when a group of like-minded individuals - who had all lost loved ones or friends through suicide - realised that there was no mental health service available in their area - and set about to make a difference.  The Talk To Tom concept was established at the kitchen table of our CEO and founder Ray Cullen and has since grown to guide over 10,000 people through our doors.  Since our foundation, we have been run entirely by volunteers. Talk To Tom is a service run by the community for the community.

Our Journey...

From our humble beginnings -we have grown to instil hope in thousands around the South East. We have grown from a small trust to become a fully regulated and registered charity.  Aside from guiding over 2,000 people with suicidal ideation’s through our doors to receive the help they need, we have also trained thousands in vital suicidal awareness courses such as QPR - which we godfathered into the country. 

Our Now ...

Talk To Tom continues to grow with demand. We hope that one day our services will no longer be needed. But until then - we will be there for all. We currently operate a five-unit clinical centre in Gorey, Co Wexford, with a purpose-built child and adolescent therapy room.  We relyentirely on the public's kindness to help keep our doors open. We have also assisted three other communities set up their own organisation using the Talk To Tom model and ethos.

Our Board

  • Trudi Sinnott (Chairperson) 

  • Liam Flynn 

  • Adam Cullen

  • Stepehen Considine

  • Ciara Conner 

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Annual Reports

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