someone who is suicidal

Information on how to help someone who you fear or know to be facing a suicidal crisis


someone who is self harming

Information on how to help someone who you suspect or know to be self-harming


me I am suicidal

Practical advice and information to help someone who is feeling suicidal  


me I am self harming

Practical advice and information to help someone who is self-harming


Every year Talk To Tom must generate sufficient funds to continue and expand our services to people all over the South East !  We simply could not do this without YOUR ONGOING SUPPORT!

Fundraising is the most effective (and fun) ways that you can make a real difference to our work, so take a look at the many ways you can get involved!


Support Talk To Tom's Fundraising


We always have fundraising events happening around Ireland - have a look and see if there is something that suits you!

DIY Fundraising 


Organising your own fundraising event can make a real difference and help to save a life in your community and help save a family the heartache of losing someone through suicide!  Here are some simple tips and everything you need to get you started!


How to Organise an Event for Talk To Tom 


Step 1: Plan For Success!

WHAT?  Will your fund-raiser be big or small, at home or at work, in school or in your community? Think about where you will get the most support your efforts.  Keep it simple and make it fun!

WHEN? Decide on a date and time! If you need a venue - book it now!  Tell people you are raising funds for us to get venues for free and ensure as much money as possible is raised!

HOW? Put together a plan – what needs to happen, when and by who.  When things go off-track, as they sometimes do, simply go back to your plan and you will be able to get back on track easily!

Step Two: Tell us about it! Once you have an idea and a start to your plan – tell us about it by registering your event!  We will send you a letter of authorisation that you can use to get prizes and support for your event and we can supply t-shirts, collection buckets and sponsorship cards. Simply complete this form.


Step 3: Put Your Fundraising Plan into Action for Talk To Tom!

Now your event is approved, its time to get to work on making it as successful as possible!

Finalise the details NOW, make sure your dates and times don’t clash with major events, gather prizes, confirm venues, get celebrities involved and start promoting your event through posters, local papers, radio and other local networks.


Money Matters! Don’t forget to work out a budget and keep costs as low as possible to help you raise more funds!  Ask for goods and services to be donated –people are happy to help!

Time is of the Essence! Work out a timeline for your event that lists all tasks and when they need to be done. Give yourself plenty of time and never put in deadlines for the day before an event!

Legalities! Check out the legal requirements for your fund-raiser at an early stage!  Do you need a garda permit, insurance or a raffle licence? If in doubt our fundraising team are only a call away to offer advice and support! For terms & guidelines click here.


Step 4: Lodge the funds you have raised!

When your event is over you can lodge all funds raised online by debit or credit card via our website’s donations page, by sending a cheque/giro to us or lodging the money in your local Ulster Bank branch.

Always tell us when you are lodging money so we can track it back to you!


Step 5: Feel Proud of your Actions!

Whether your event is big or small, it will make a real difference to people in your community. We are so grateful to anyone who takes on a fundraising challenge to support our work!


Calendar of Events and Marathons

Take on a personal challenge for Talk To Tom this year and save the lives of people in your own community - now that’s an achievement to be proud of!

Many people support Talk To Tom's work by taking on a personal challenge – whether it’s a mini marathon, full marathon, triathlon, trek or even a skydive – there is something for everyone!

Getting active for Talk To Tom means you can really feel proud of your achievements as they are improving the lives of people struggling with their metal health - while also improving yours.

So whether you are an expert runner or a marathon newbie, we want you to be part of our team!

Upcoming Challenge Events

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Please give what you can and help us make a difference for our community.

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Talk To Tom is about saving lives by breaking down the barriers and stigma associated with suicide and mental health with financial , emotional and educational support. 
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