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Talk To Tom Suicide Prevention & Awareness Transitions to Futures In Mind

Talk To Tom, an organisation dedicated to suicide prevention and mental health support, is proud to announce its transition to Futures In Mind. The transition will begin in February 2024  - and reflects our evolving mission and commitment to promoting mental health, suicide prevention, and creating a future where mental wellbeing is prioritised.

A New Name for a Broader Vision

Futures In Mind represents a significant step in our journey. While our core mission of suicide prevention remains unchanged, our new identity allows us to broaden our scope and impact. This change aligns with the latest guidelines in suicide prevention media and legacy, ensuring our approaches and messages are responsible, effective, and sensitive to the needs of those we serve.

Commitment to Growth and Inclusivity

Our rebranding is more than a name change; it's a renewed commitment to our community. Futures In Mind will continue to provide the vital services that Talk To Tom has been known for, such as helplines, counselling, and education programmes. In addition, we will expand our reach to address a wider range of mental health issues and serve a more diverse population.

Strategic Expansion and New Beginnings

This rebranding strategically aligns with the opening of our new centre in Arklow, marking a significant expansion in our capacity to serve the community. The Arklow centre will be a cornerstone of our operations, reflecting the growth and evolution of our services under the Futures In Mind banner.

Future Initiatives

As Futures In Mind, we plan to launch new initiatives and collaborate with partners across different sectors to foster a supportive environment for mental health. Our goal is to create a future where mental health is openly discussed, and support is accessible to everyone in need.

Continued Support and Collaboration

We are immensely grateful to our supporters, volunteers, and partners who have been with us through our journey as Talk To Tom. We look forward to your continued support as Futures In Mind and invite you to join us in this exciting new chapter.

About Futures In Mind

Futures In Mind is dedicated to creating a future where mental health is a priority. Through advocacy, education, and support services, we aim to prevent suicide and promote mental wellbeing for all.

Speaking of the name change and the opening of the new Arklow centre, CEO Ray Cullen said: "Reflecting on our journey, Talk To Tom has exceeded all expectations, growing far beyond what we initially envisioned.

"While there's a touch of melancholy in parting with our original name, this change is pivotal for adhering to critical guidelines and furthering our mission to support and uplift our community," he added.

"It marks a new chapter of growth and commitment for our organisation, underscored by the opening of our new centre in Arklow, a beacon of hope and support."

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